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American Education System

The American education system is one of the most complex and diverse in the world. With over 13,000 school districts and more than 16,500 schools, it can be difficult to generalize about the U.S. educational system. However, there are some commonalities that exist throughout the country.

Most schools in America are public schools, which are funded by taxpayers and overseen by state and local governments. There are also a significant number of private schools, which are usually found in larger cities and often cater to a more affluent student population. Private schools may have religious affiliation or be secular institutions.

There is great variation in the quality of education across the United States. This is partially due to funding discrepancies between rich and poor districts—a problem that has been exacerbated by recent economic recession—but it also reflects differences in curriculum, teaching methods, resources, and facilities between schools. In general, however, American students perform poorly compared to their counterparts in other developed countries on international assessments of mathematics, reading comprehension, and science literacy.

One controversial issue surrounding education in America is whether or not teachers should be unionized. Teachers unions provide many benefits for members including higher salaries on average and better working conditions; however they have also been accused of being resistant to change and protecting underperforming teachers . Another contentious topic related to education is standardized testing - many believe that too much emphasis is placed on these exams at the expense of creativity and critical thinking skills.

The American educational system is large and complex; however there are some commonalities that exist throughout the country. Most notably, students in America tend to lag behind their peers in other developed nations when it comes to academic achievement.